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if west virginia was in a position to perhaps win , wirin either way, a david versus g go lieith -- goliath type feel. >> jim: no question. >> clark: and butler has been working towards this opportunity for a long time. >> jim: good feed, smith goes inside to ebanks. >> clark: one of the few times we have seen that tonight, jim, and usually west virginia will get a couple of baskets a half on that type of cut but duke has done a really good job of pressuring the ball and being in good position as a team to take away some of the curls and back cuts. >> jim: the first points of the second half for ebanks. scheyer. gets past the defenders. >> clark: everything that we talk about at the top of the telecast that west virginia needed to do, defend the 3-point shot, rebound the basketball, contain dribble penetration. [whistle] >> clark: it has not happened. >> jim: another call against thomas. how about the big three? talking about singler, smith, scheyer. for the duke blue devils. >> clark: they have all been stellar and nolan smith has done it with the penetration and 3-point shot ma
are reported to authorities. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonald get a bizarre warning in the form of a letter from an anti-government group. in fact, government officers are on alert tonight after receiving letters calling for them to step down orising being removed. in fact, at least 30 governors got the letters which don't make any specific threat of violence. they were sent by a group called the guardians of free republics and the fbi is investigating. >>> new at 11:00, a day long police standoff is over in alexandria. and the man who held police at bay is dead. no word yet on whether he killed himself. but police never did fire their weapons. this morning, authorities showed up at an apartment build tog evict that man. -- building to evict that man. officers heard gunfire. no reports of anyone else being hurt. >>> now metro riders are asking why they are just finding out about a rape that happened two months ago. back in february, a woman was getting into her car at the south garage and someone raped her and stole her car. six days later they found the car. duffy was in it with a 13-year-
, alexandria, you are not in that frost advisory. and they are well into the beltway on the virginia side as you get more into the rural area and the suburbs, you'll have to watch for temperatures, 32 and below. talk about your wakeup weather in just a few more minutes and what to expect coming up in your full forecast. >> it was a violent day in the district of columbia. three people are wounded tonight after a separate shooting. dc police say that two men were found shot in northwest. near the intersection of north capitol and o street. another man found shot in the 1100 block of north street and northeast washington. and all of the victims are reported to be in fatal condition tonight. investigators say that they have no suspects in custody at this hour. new information about a delaware pediatrician accused of molesting more than 100 patients. hospital visuals are now revealing their investigated a complaint in 1996, that dr. earl bradley touched young female patients inappropriately. a nurse complained to the medical center about the way that bradley obtained urine samples from young
-- pornographers. >>> on the cam tuesday of virginia tech -- campus of virginia tech, this has been a campus to recollect. >> people came to honor the 32 students and staff killed in a campus shooting spree three years ago today. the day included a 3.2-mile run and the release of 32 balloons in honor of the lives taken. >> this school meant so much to lesli. she felt so much a part of home here. >> that is tony sherman talking about his daughter lesli and the high school she attended west springfield. she was among the shooting victims at virginia tech. today west springfield high dedicated its newly surfaced track in memory of lesli, a model student and athlete. west springfield also awarded a college scholarship in her way. >>> democrats jim moran, bobby scott and gerald conley sent letters to urge a bill that lets private gun sellers to do backgrounds checks. >>> another matter now headed to capitol hill is whether to give the district a member of congress who has full voting rights. they'll bring up a bill for a vote next week. >>> and now president obama is strongly urging lawmakers to
accident. >>> a black party of james madison you have yufrptd in harrisonburg virginia that turned into a major disturbance. virginia miss say 8,000 people were at the block party and some of the students threw bottles at officers and police responded with tear gas sprayed into the crowds. no word yet on how many people were injured or arrested. >>> now, for the latest on the deadly mine explosion in west virginia, overnight search teams in raleigh county discovered the bodies of four missing miners. that brings the total number of fatalities to 29. >> there's no reasoning for something like this to happen. it was told to us by our government that this wouldn't happen again. >> we got to find the answers to what caused it and make sure whatever it takes it doesn't happen again. >> the community-wide memorial service for the miners is set for sunday. >>> leaders in 47 countries are arriving in washington this weekend for president obama's global nuclear security sum it. king abdullah of jordan was seen arriving this afternoon. the summi t gets underway monday morning. the two-day su
maine to connecticut. >>> now to danville, virginia, where a church is dealing with a massive sink hole. the storm left behind the mess. a layer of mud and water are lining the entire first floor of the building. >> oh my goodness. i just -- i knew what hadhappened when i saw the hole and i said something drastic is going on. downstairs when i opened the church door, it was like looking at a lake. >> that sinning home is also causing structural problems. it cracked the foundation. >>> okay, lots of troubled weather out there, but not around here. >> lack of it and good to have it. we're looking at beautiful temperatures back today. 71 at national. we're going to get close to 80. if not tomorrow, it's coming in the wings, i thought that even if it's 77, 78, why not? just like today, go for the 80- degree mark. a lot of forecasts telling me 68 today, 67. awfully close to 70. we hit 71. i'll take the same forecast mentality to tomorrow and go for the 80 spot. 83 on friday, mid 80s into the weekend. the winds have died down tonight. calm winds pretty much everywhere. from 5 miles per hour,
. a similar law was passed three years ago right here in nearby prince williams county virginia and tonight andrea mccarren paid them a visit to see how it worked out there. >> reporter: when prince williams county passed a newbill similar to arizona's new law, there was demonstrations expressing both outrage and praise for the unprecedented move. >> since the law went into effect, we have thousands of illegal aliens leaving our community. the crime rate dropped by 38 % in two years. >> reporter: corey stewart says the community has been transformed for the better. more than 2300 illegal immigrants have been deported. >> we ended up changing our policy just a little bit to check essentially everybody who is arrested for any crime whatsoever. that eliminated the possibility of racial profiling. >> our county was severely hurt economically. many, many people left this county. prince williams has had some of the biggiest depreciation of homes of anywhere in the area. >> reporter: nancy lyle says the law devastated prince william county and continues to undermind public safety. >> people don't
. >>> now, to the latest on the rescue effort at that west virginia coal mine. crews leading the operation hope to pump enough safe air down into the mine that they can send down rescue teams very soon. here is the governor. >> that's basically the news we have right now. they're preparing all of the -- all of them are prepared for the plant to go in and rescue and to help. >> those rescue teams did make it in but explosive levels forced them right back out again. monday's explosion killed 25 miners. they hope to locate four miners that are still missing alive, but they could be inside any number of emergency chambers stocked with food, water and air. >>> now the controversy created by virginia governor bob mcdonnell when he claimed virginia confederate month. it failed to mention slavery. he later apologized and he denounced slavery as evil. george mason university associate professor jeremy mire does not think the controversy is going to do him any long-term damage. >> most of the people who are angry about this didn't vote for him. this is not a major scandal or problem for this governo
just need to slow down. >> 20 other states have some version of this three-foot rule. but virginia's legislature rejected the method. >>> police in dumfries are trying to figure out how a 12-year-old boy ended up with a semi automatic handgun. >> i did one project with him and we kind of became friends during that project. >> are you surprised that he would bring a gun to school? >> yes. because i don't expect that from anybody. >> investigators say a teacher on bus duty noticed the young man pointing the gun at his own head outside of the middle school and quickly intervened. the child was restrained and held for police that discovered the weapon wasn't loaded and the boy didn't have any ammunition. school officials say other students were never in jeopardy. prosecutors have charged the boy with possessing a gun on school property, and that means an automatic 365-day expulsion. >>> the chevy chase section of northwest dc has been hit with a string of home burglaries. burglaries have been from 28th-36th street. they've entered in the back of the house when residents are still there
at 11:00, he tells us how. >>> this is 9news now. >>> parents in a quiet northern virginia neighborhood are on edge tonight as police investigate the attempted abduction of two young brothers. >> the incident hand yesterday evening near the intersection of lennice and notless drive. andrea mccarren has the report. >> he is described as blond. >> reporter: at dusk, prince williams county police detectives walked door to door alerting residents that a man attempted to abduct two brothers in their neighborhood, ages 9 and 5. >> this gives a brief drips of what happened. >> i -- description of what happened. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: the incident took place monday evening as the boys walked home from a friend's house. according to police, the suspect approached them from behind and tried to grab the 5-year-old. police say his 9-year-old brother pushed him to the ground away from the suspect who then fled. >> i can't believe it's happening here, you know, so close to home. >> we teach our kids to stay within here and if there a grown up they can stay out. otherwise they can't stay
against animals. a virginia man was sentenced to three years in prison for videos he made of pit bull fights. they rule the videos are within the bounds of free speech and they threw out the conviction. >>> two virginia residents face felony charges because of cockfighting. investigators executed a search warrant at their home on moyer road and confiscated more than 300 birds. they say the suspects were operating an extensive breeding operation. >> these particular people here were breeders and trainers. there was evidence that some of the roosters had been used for cockfighting. but as far as they can tell, no actual cockfighting took place at this location. >> authorities put down all 119 roosters they seized at the home. a local farm took the hens and chicks. this was the largest seizure of its kind in virginia history. >>> a tragic accident is a reminder for all of us. it happened saturday. a 33-year-old man was pulling out of a driveway when he struck and killed a 19-month-old toddler. he was driving a large pickup and police tell us he just didn't see the little girl. the consum
trapped in a west virginia mine as supporters held a candlelight vigil tonight, they're finally getting closer. the rescue crews are getting closer into the mine. possibly in the next few hours. the plan is to send down six different search teams. what has been holding up the effort is the task of removing dangerous gases from the mine shaft and pumping in air that is safe to breathe. it's been a tough wait for anxious relatives. >> everybody is in shock and hoping that he is one of the one or the four that comes out of there, you know. >> monday's massive explosion killed 25. rescue teams hope the missing miners got to one of the emergency chambers stuck with food, water and oxygen that could last four days. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell has apologized for failing to mention slavery when he declared april to be confederate month. he called slavery evil and inhumane and calling it the cause of the civil war. nonetheless, his proclamation of the confederate history month has stirred up debate in his state. >> not everything needs to be remembered. it was very painful, unpleasant pa
at the national cathedral. >>> president obama delivered the eulogy today for the 29 victims at that west virginia mine explosion, the president telling miners that he hopes to make their jobs safer. he ordered a broad review of coal mines and safety records. >> all that hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground. >> we are told it could be months before investigators can get inside to determine what caused the april 5th blast. >> the president met with billy graham. it is the president's first meeting with the 91-year-old graham. he has councilled a lot of past presidents beginning with president eisenhower. he gave the president two bibles. one for the president and one for the first lady. >>> tough arizona immigration law. thousands of protestors rallied today outside of arizona's capital. some say it will lead to harassment of people that just look hispanic. the law prohibits the use of race or nationality as the sole basis for an immigration check. arizona has an estimated 360,000 illegal immigrants and the state has the most illegal border crossings. >>> still ahead on 9new
decided who will be the next mayor of the city. >>> leesburg, virginia, a rash of car break ins this weekend. majority of cars were left unlocked and parked close to their homes. the neighborhood well lit. the thieves went on a small crime spree. surae chinn has more. >> that's a heck of a lot of cars. >> reporter: bill blair takes prize of his chrysler. >> this is my car. i take good care of it. i don't want people going through it. >> reporter: he says even though the crooks got his cell phone he says it is not right. >> it is sad because you park your car in front of your house, they tell you to put lights on. you can see you have a light there. you've got a light across the street. and spend this much time breaking into that car. one across the street. another one here. a truck here. a couple in the parking lot. and two or three down that street. you are here for 20 minutes, a half hour. >> reporter: the break ins happened in the surrounding area which, by the way, is right next to the sheriff's department. >> do you usually lock your doors? >> 99% of the time. >> now. >> yo
picketed outside virginia tech today. >> thou shall not kill. >> members of the baptist church claimed god cursed the university by sending cho to the campus. he shot and killed 32 people before killing himself. >> that was a curse from god. don't you guys see they don't happen at random. there is a sovereign god that controls the affairs of this universe. >> maybe this should be included as well. it is all just meant to point out the ridiculousness of it. >> they called for folks to dance the hate away. they also picketed in front of a jewish center and middle school. >>> around midnight tonight officials hope to know whether those four missing miners are still alive inside a west virginia coal mine. even as we speak search teams are making their way to an emergency chamber deep inside the mine. >> we finally got some encouraging good news that we are moving. things are happening and we are moving and we have got rescue teams in. >> that emergency chamber is considered the last hope that any of the four miners survived monday's explosion. search teams are expected to reach it and report w
that greenhouse gases are dangerous to people and ought to be regulated under the clean air act. >>> a virginia man flying the flag of the former soviet union. he is protesting the obama administration policy. this is his way of making people believe what he sees is a left ward tilt in the united states. >> ever since obama got elected, this country has been turning more socialist. a lot of people don't think it's socialist, but i do. they didn't have a job or they lost their job and then their insurance ran out. i can understand the government giving them a helping hand. but you wouldn't have so many unemployed people if they didn't get taxing every dime you made. >> among other thing, he disapproves of the health care legislation passioned by congress and signed into -- passed by congress and signed into law by president obama. >>> in last week's shooting, officials have implemented some new security measures. they'll be adding extra screening areas and enhancing the outdoor lighting. pentagon officers shot and killed john patrick badell after he opened fire. >>> at the university of maryland
and cumberland and parts ever the panhandle of -- of the panhandle of west virginia, it will be a dry commute tomorrow. no fog. 40s and 50s to start. wind northwesterly at ten. tomorrow a great day. it's going to be fantastic. partly cloudy, high temps around 70s. winds light out of the north and only ten miles an hour. satellite picture radar combined, tremendous thunderstorms in the plain states. and that is in association with the same front and the same system we've been tracking since monday. it's eventually going to get in here over the weekend. and when it does, we're looking for light rain and showers. big thunderstorms are possible on sunday. weak cold front went through today. that is what produced light showers. most of us didn't see anything. they still are. zone forecast all six zones on our website at nice from the mountains to the coast tomorrow. 60 in oakland. 65 in cumberland. looking at 73 down in culpeper. 70 in warrenton and 70 in manassas with sunshine. low 70s in hughesville and wall dorph and low 70s in st. mary's city. winds light. no advisories on the bay o
to virginia. the associated press does say that bob mcdonald will come to arlington tomorrow to make the announcement. it currently has about 300 people working there. it provides aerospace, neck and technical services. >>> and several questions with the dulles rail project. a special tax used to fund the project is unfair. the tax goes to pay for the fairfax county phase one of the dulles rail construction but it only applies to commercial and industrial real estate. not residential. a commercial real estate owner filed the appeal after suing the fairfax board of supervisors back in 2008. >>> republicans have won the first round in blocking legislation that would overhaul the rule of governing wall street firms and other financial institutions. democrats needed just one crack in the wall of opposition to the financial reform bill, but they didn't get it. had just one gop senator voted yes, it would have created debate. but republicans won a deal beforehand that promises no more bailouts. without it, all 41 said no. >> we're negotiating for better piece of legislation. not for the sa
at that disturbance is now subject to review. >>> turning now to the deadly mine accident in west virginia. they're asking for an independent investigation into the explosion that killed 29 miners back on april 5th. mansion has asked a former top federal mine safety official to serve as his special advisor in all of this. the cause behind the blast at massey energy upper big branch mine is still unknown. officials say methane gas likely closed it. >>> a startling side of oprah that viewers never seen. >> frightening video of a toddler on high wire with prowlers below. >>> plus an astounding new form of pornography will soon be available for the blind. >>> top. >> we were 25 to 15 degrees cooler today. i'll take you out with the wakeup weather. i think it's going to be dry in the morning. some clouds could be lingering. 43-53. winds still out of the northeast in the morning. we'll come back and take you through the rest of wednesday and look at milder air. it's not too far away. full forecast next. ♪ [ male announcer ] we make them beautiful. ♪ we make them tougher. ♪ we make them legendary
, virginia, a terrible accident in which a construction worker was impaled on rebar. he fell from the second story of a church. the rebar entered his hip and went through his chest. lopez is in critical condition. >>> this happened thank you new carolton rail yard about 8:15 tonight. this is a maintenance area so no passengers were aboard the train. though workers were injured. but an investigation is underway. >>> does the community do enough to help the police in dc solve serious crimes? last night the chief said the answer is no. and that got a response this evening from the parents of murdered children. gary neurenberg with that story. >> reporter: the march 30th drive-by shooting on south capital street that killed four young people and wounded five others led to 41 charges against a 14-year-old who police conceded thursday had nothing to do with the crime. part of the explanation for the mistake. >> all of the witnesses involved would have come forward and given us statements that night in an ideal world. >> reporter: thisher son was shot that night. >> they could have solved the case.
in an indictment involving more than 100 kids. he'll being held on $4.7 million bail. >>> a former virginia tech student who decapitated a student was sentenced to life in prison without patrol today. he says he killed the fellow chinese student because she rejected his romantic advances back in 2009. he expressed this "sincere apology and deepest remorse" for that attack. >>> today marks the 15-year an strers re of the deadliest -- anniversary of the deadliest attack on u.s. soil. they remembered the victims of the 1995 bombing. the blast killed 168 people and wounded more than 600. >> i'm humbled to be here today to mark this solemn anniversary and to honor the 168 lives taken from us now 15 years ago in an unspeakable act of terrorism. >> oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh was executed in 2001. his co-conspirator terry nichols is serving a life sentence in a colorado prison. >>> today also marks the anniversary of the firy end of the siege at the branch compound in wake owe, texas. back on april 19th, 1993, the complex burned to the ground after a 51-day standoff between cult leaders and th
. they are looking for this woman from virginia. she is wanted in incredible cases of alleged identity theft that goes back to december of 2009. she obtained the social security number of an oklahoma woman and in one day bout an audi, a mercedes and a range rover. we spoke with one of the car salesman who sold her a vehicle. >> she drove the car. she knew all of the catch words. i'm sure you're going to fill it up for gas and detail it for me. came into the showroom. told her what we were selling the car for. she negotiated very little. which, again, looking back it's always easy to put two and two together. so she filled out a credit application from memory. >> police say she also opened credit card accounts using the oklahoma woman's identity. she allegedly stole credit cards and bank information from a dc woman and took money from the victim's bank account. >>> a dc lieutenant is finding himself on the other side of the law tonight accused of sexually assaulting another officer. officers arrested the 46 -year-old yesterday. he is accused of groping his female co-worker from behind back in
that changed america. >> reporter: show she was born in virginia and planted her roots in harlem. washingtonians claimed her as their own. >> she is a world figure but a national treasure, but to those of us in washington dc we think of her as a washingtonian. >> reporter: and dorothy height did fight many of her battles here. >> dorothy could not live without immersing herself in the life of our city and d.c. voting rights became one of her great causes, too. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton reminded worshippers that height's life was not defined by jun one struggle for equality. >> she under stood that women's rights and civil rights are indi visible. you can't say you're for one and not be for the other. >> reporter: it was a night of serious tributes, but no celebration of dorothy height could neglect her love of those trademark hats. >> she was a supporter of the women's movement, she was for integration, and now she don't want nuns to be the only place going about with something on their head. >> reporter: well, there were plenty of funny, charming, and personal mome
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